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19 Feb 2015

Tribute To Our Wee Chickens

The BAFTA for best short film was awarded to Northern Ireland ‘s #BoogalooandGraham Written by Ronan Blaney, directed by Michael Lennox and Produced by Brian J Falconer.

Boogaloo & Graham BAFTA winners

Boogaloo & Graham short film BAFTA winners (Pic Credit Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Europe)

Three unsuspecting lads from Northern Ireland have been catapulted into the surreal world of glitz, glamour and red carpets. Along with them the whole of Northern Ireland have been swept up in this magical red carpet ride that celebrates the best of the film industry in 2015.

Boogaloo and Graham, written by Lurgan man Ronan Blaney, is set in a troubled 1970’s Northern Ireland and tells the story of 2 young brothers discovering the facts of life through their two pet chickens. Normal comedic everyday life amidst the mayhem of a broken nation could be the reason this 14 minute short film is “a breath of fresh air and I think that’s what people have responded to” says Ronan Blaney. This low budget film shot over 4 days in Belfast has captivated world wide audiences and has over 80 global requests for film festivals. Modest of his success Ronan goes on to say “I don’t know if anybody believes me or not but I’m just glad to be there. The nomination itself is a success, the film has done fantastically well”.

Dr Ronan Blaney back at work

Dr Ronan Blaney back at work at Brownlow Integrated College after BAFTA win (Photo credit FB Boogaloo And Graham Short Film)

Can you imagine the work it takes to achieve such an accolade as a nomination for a BAFTA, then right off the back of that an Oscar nomination? The back-breaking gruelling years of sacrifice and dedication of an innate passion that is unyielding in it’s demands. The sacrifice of those near and dear in their unwavering support of this vortex is sure to be near inhuman. The moments of doubt when following your creative heart, whilst losing sanity to your passion, can be soul destroying. Staying power, perseverance and giving yourself permission to make mistakes, helps nurture the creative genius. That creative genius has been very publically recognised by being awarded the British Film industry highest award of a BAFTA for best short film on Sunday 8th February. Presently 3 homes in the Province are housing the acclaimed BAFTA in pride of place as family, friends, neighbours and associates call round to see this converted ‘mask’ up close and personal. Informal BAFTA tours have taken place in schools, clubs and local businesses throughout Northern Ireland as the acclaimed BAFTA is proudly shown to near and far with the chance for an unexpected photo opportunity. A BAFTA “for the people” as the Boogaloo and Graham team have proclaimed.


Producer Brain L. Falconer

Producer Brain L. Falconer Back In Belfast with Treasured BAFTA (photo credit twitter @outoforbit)

BAFTA in Belfast

BAFTA On Tour (photo credit twitter @outoforbit)

ProKick, Michael Lennox, Riley & Boogaloo

Riley Hamilton with (from left) Billy Murray, director Michael Lennox, world champion Johnny Smith and the chicken, Boogaloo. (Photo credit Belfast Telegraph)

Aaron & Riley Boogaloobaftas

Aaron Lynch and Riley Hamilton show off the film’s Baftas (Photo Credit

Ronan & Aaron

Ronan & Aaron with BAFTA (Photo credit Twitter @boogalooandgraham)

Being a huge supporter of Irish Rugby could no resist including this beauty

Irish Rugby Boogaloo and Graham BAFTAjpeg

Irish Rugby Boogaloo and Graham BAFTA (Photo Credit twitter @outoforbit

Now the red carpet express train continues in the count down to the Oscars as the Boogaloo and Graham team and their families gather in Los Angeles for the glitzy 87th Academy Awards Ceremony.

Riley in LA for the Oscars

Riley in LA for the Oscars (Photo Facebook Boogaloo and Graham Short Film)

Our wee nation of Northern Ireland is holding it’s breath and keeping everything crossed for an Oscar win to keep the BAFTA company. A united nation all very grateful that 3 individuals listened to their inner genius as these driven individuals were fated to come together to create the short BAFTA winning masterpiece Boogaloo and Graham. Northern Ireland’s near and scattered in far-flung places are behind the lads, preparing to stay up late or get up early to watch the Oscars Ceremony. All will be holding their breaths as the ‘Live Action Film Shorts’ nominees are called out. With hearts in mouths hoping for an Oscar win for our wee chickens Boogaloo and Graham. Their success will be our success #forthepeople.

If we are to take anything from the wonderful success of our wee chickens it is never give up on your dreams. Ronan an English teacher at Brownlow Integrated College in Craigavon never gave up. Keeping true to his inner creative self he has achieved the highest possible honour in the film industry. Without the visionary writers there would be no stories to portray. Without the dreamers there would be no wonder in the world.  I continuously reinforce to my students and children, ‘keep dreaming, follow your heart and soul, keep trying and never give up’. Thank-you for never giving up Ronan Blaney, Michael Lennox and Brian J Falconer. The very best of luck for an Oscar win, the whole Boogaloo And Graham team so deserve it.

If you would like to watch Boogaloo And Graham it is available to download


On Television

Friday 20th February RTÉ One 23:55

Sunday 22nd February BBC One 22.30

On Film

Queens Film Theatre Belfast

Sat 7th March, Sun 15th March, Sat 21st March TBC



Boogaloo And Graham

Director Michael Lennox

Producer Brian J. Falconer

Northern Ireland Screen


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