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23 Jun 2015

The Grove of Glass Fusing

The past 3+ years have been spent learning and falling in love with the art of glass fusing. A thriving sustainable business has been build supporting me during the recent global recession that saw a slowdown in the sale of luxury goods such as art. Glass being a more practical art form is functional and can be used daily, smaller bespoke pieces such jewellery and plates are more affordable to a larger audience.

My very popular dichroic glass jewellery & dala horse designed trinket/dip dishes ensured a growth in business and my work reaching a global audience.

Clear Dichroic on white background

Clear dichroic necklace on white background

Clear Dichroic Necklace

Same clear dichroic necklace on black background








Dala Horse

‘Dala Horse’ Trinket/Dip Dish – A very popular design

There is still much to learn as I endeavor to transfer my painterly skills on to the surface of glass. Not sure I am ready to expose my experiments to the public domain just yet but once happy you are sure to get a taste of what the future might hold.

The past few months saw a flurry of glass art commissions big and small.

A treasured bespoke platter for lovely daughter’s birthday

Fusion Union II

Fusion Union II 20x20cms Bespoke Platter

A happy anniversary sculpture for beloved husband working in the wind turbine industry.

Wind Elegance 1

Wind Elegance – Iridescence & Specialty Glass

Wind Elegance

Wind Elegance – Client from Texas.









Confirmation gifts for two very special friends

Confirmation GreenConfirmation Blue

One large Canadian commission ended in bits and pieces on the floor. Sadly difficult to recoup the hours of design and assembling but thankfully all glass can be reworked and used again in a different piece in the future.


8+ hours work over in a split second – Oops!

Joy of joys I had the foresight to make a detailed template that saved hours of reworking the design.

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze Bespoke Platter for client in Calgary

Studenten gifts designed to incorporate the Swedish graduation cap; the studentmössa.  This has been used since the middle of the 18th Century for high school graduates (Gymnasium). A treasured memento of a scholarly achievement makes the perfect gift for any young adult to commemorate this life milestone.

Studenten Gifts

Studenten Gifts for Client in Stockholm

Teacher gifts for international school based in Lund designed to highlight the school logo along with hand painted gift cards in watercolour.

Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gift



Gift Cards

Teacher Gift Cards








The largest commission was for my Scandinavian designed ‘Silver Birch’ tableware that saw the kiln firing 24-7.

Silver Birch

Sliver Birch tableware for client in Florida

A second ‘Silver Birch’ commission for Swedish company for their American and Canadian clients.

Silver Birch US & Canada

Silver Birch Trinket/Dip Dishes

As we ease into the Summer my studio is ablaze with a new body of mixed media work for my upcoming exhibition in August. I am sure to keep you posted but don’t go without leaving a comment below about your plans for the Summer?


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