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2 Jun 2017

Sunshine Exhibitions

The recent glorious sunshine was the perfect excuse to set-up student exhibitions al fresco. Visitors enjoyed the warmth of the sun, bird song, fragrant florals and chatting with the artist’s about their creative process.

Pat Pitcher 'Path Series' and Judi Hildebrand 'Aqua Pleasure' ready for exhibition

Pat Pitcher ‘Path Series’ and Judi Hildebrand ‘Aqua Pleasure’ ready for exhibition 


Pat and Judi both produced a large series of work taking their individual themes from concept through several development phases then into the final resolved pieces with each linked by a red thread to give their work cohesion and flow. So thrilled and proud of their artistic growth, they had sales and commissions from the show and this is just the beginning I believe with many more solo and group exhibits in the future. 


Creative Art Mix Junior Exhibition 

Kids Summer Exhibition 2017

Spring term comes to a close for the junior art class with a student led exhibition to showcase the creative journey of these budding young artists. It’s always a pleasure to help quench youths thrust for creative knowledge, the deepest joy comes from being present in the moment and the act of being uninhibited by self judgement and comparison. Check out the girls exhibition video on the home page. 

“Comparison is the death of Joy”   Mark Twain 


Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of my students hard work over the Spring term, students are always thrilled to have comments, lets have a conversation.


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