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4 Mar 2016

Studio Shenanigans

The fun creative energy penetrating the studio these past 6 weeks brightened even the darkest Winter days. Hurray for Spring, have a look at the sunshine shenanigans happening in the studio.

Kids art term was kicked started with a mixed media ‘Spring to Life’  project, check the very short video here  Kids Spring to Life

Kids Art Class Ciara WhartonSpring To Life WIP IsabelKids Art Class 2 Ciara WhartonKids Art Class 3 Ciara Whartonr

Using layers of cool and warm acrylic colours, stencils and paper collage the students produced a beautiful array of lively bouquets in their development stage of the Spring to Life project.

Student Varshani

Mixed Media Varshani

Student Hailey

Mixed Media Hailey

Student Isabel Abreu

Mixed Media Isabel

Student Julia

Mixed Media Julia

This Spring term very excited to offer a brand new advanced youth class that guides exceptionally talented teenagers towards their artistic independence.

Portraiture Advanced Youth Class Ciara Wharton   Portraiture Advanced Youth Class 2 Ciara Wharto

Tonal values in self portraiture has been explored over several weeks.

Portraiture Advanced Youth Student Elin

Portraiture Advanced Youth Student Elin

Portraiture Advanced Youth Student Isabel

Portraiture Advanced Youth Student Isabel




Portraiture Tonal Study – Elin


Portraiture Tonal Study Isabel

Watch this space they are artistic stars of the future.

Now what creative fun have the adults been up to?

The advanced art group certainly were put through their paces with the introduction of watercolour over a multitude of still life set-ups these past 6 weeks. They have explored simple drapes, complex textures of basketweave, fake fur, natural ceramics, shiny antique Russian samovars (tea urns) and delicate porcelain pots.  You name it, these gals rendered it with exceptional skill and eye for form and colour mixing.

Stilllife Watercolur Class Ciara Wharton

Just some of the various advanced watercolour still life projects.

Stilllife Watercolour Gunilla Wiinberg                                    Stilllife Watercolur class Pat Pitcher

Stilllife Coffee WaterColour Rebacca Haines

Stilllife Watercolour WIP Rebecca Haines

Stilllife Watercolur Pia Havéus

Stilllife Watercolur Pia Havéus

Stilllife WaterColour Judi Hildebrand

Stilllife WaterColour Judi Hildebrand

Stilllife Watercolur ?Pat

Stilllife Watercolour Pat Pitcher

The intermediate art group have been investigating the daunting genre of portraiture. The starting point is always exploration of the artist own features, the perfect ready model without the costly life model fees. The term “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” is the name of portraiture practice.

Portraiture class Ciara Wharton

All projects start in a sketch book or working on varies small development works ironing out any hiccups, line & form hurdles and building a mental memory bank before moving onto a larger painterly project.

Portraiture Valerie Andersson

Portraiture Study Sketch Valerie Andersson

Portraiture Åsa Ovin

Portraiture Study Sketch Åsa Ovin

Line and form were taken a step further by exploring tonal values and the use of the grey scale.

Portraiture Tonal values Colleen Doone

Portraiture Tonal values WIP Colleen Doone

Portraiture Eleanor Campbell 1

Self Portraiture Tonal Study Eleanor Campbell

Early February saw the start of the much awaited beginners evening class.

Beginners Art Class CiaraWharton

The excitement of introducing and sharing my knowledge of art with more creative souls is exhilarating. I am honoured they choose me as their guide in this creative journey cultivating a curiosity and igniting their passion. The Aim of this intensive program is to install artistic independence and development of their unique style and voice ensuring this experience becomes an addiction to life long artistic discovery.

Beginners Art Class Watercolur Into 3

Basics of Colour Theory

Already we have covered many basic fundamentals, tapping into sources of  inspiration, thumbnails sketching, still life oil pastel and an introduction to watercolour.

Beginners Art Class Watercolur Into Kristina J Larsson

WIP Student Kristina J Larsson

Beginners Art Class Watercolur Into Karen Johnsson

WIP Karen Johnsson

Beginners Art Class Watercolur Into Suzaan Birgersson

WIP Student Suzaan Birgersson

The intensity of the watercolour introduction was turned up on the second session producing some remarkable works of art.

Water Colour Intro WIP 3Watercolour Into WIP 1

Student Bärbel Quitmann

Watercolour Study Bärbel Quitmann

Student Artist Karen Johnsson

Watercolour Study Karen Johnsson

Hope you have enjoyed a small glimpse at the artistic shenanigans in the studio that have kept our world colourful & bright. Would love to hear how you have keep the darkest Winter months bright and shinny?

For our southern hemisphere guests – go on, dare you to make us all jellies with your snippets of sunshiny fun?

I would be very grateful for your comments below.

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