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15 Jun 2015

Spring Term In The Studio

The Spring term has been an incredible period of creativity. With  7 weekly classes catering for students aged 8 to 50+ from the complete beginners to advanced practitioners. 

Adult Beginners Creative Work

A new 12 week intensive adult beginners course saw budding new artists exploring the essential foundations of line and form, tonal value, colour theory, perspective and composition amongst the battery of basic skills.  A wide variety of media was explored including soft pastel, oil pastel, watercolour and acrylic. The students new found artistic knowledge and learning culminated into a final project on a large 50 x 70cms canvas or several 30x30cms canvases.

Exploring Watercolours

Watercolour landscapes and still life helped to reinforce building tonal values, wet on dry, wet on wet, wet into nearly dry, dry on dry and the use of masking fluid.

Exploring W:colourStill life Anemones

Exploring Acrylic with Palette Knives 

All work was completed with a palette knife and acrylic on 30x30cms canvas. Composition was key with emphasis on perspective.

Colleen Cleary-Doone

Student Colleen Cleary-Doone

Åsa Ovin

Student Åsa Ovin

Valerie Andersson

Student Valerie Andersson

Eleanor Campbell

Student Eleanor Campbell

Final Projects

Final projectFinal Progect

Some works unfinished but students now have the artistic self confidence to complete on their own over the Summer. The following gallery is the student’s work in progress or newly completed final pieces ready to hang in pride of place. 
 Eleanor  Shelley JarvisVal Andersson

Åsa Ovin 2Åsa Ovin 1

Across the remaining 6 adult and youth classes the focus was on the complex aspects of the human figure in art. The range of work was extensive form multi complex figurative studies, mixed media studies and even clay sculptures. Below you will find a small glimpse of the outstanding work created in the studio by the students this term. All work was taken through a serious of development before being interputed as a large final project.

 Adult Intermediate Creative Work

Foreshortening Studies

Samples of Students work



Figurative Negative Space Studies

Class In ActionAcrylic Layer Karol 1

Class in Action 1

Adult Final Figurative Projects

Pat Pitcher

Student Work Pat Pitcher

Pia Havèus

Student Work Pia Havèus

Judi Hildebrand- Credit Ben Hildebrand

Judi Hildebrand photo credit Ben Hildebrand

Mylene Ryon

Student Work Mylene Ryon

Agneta Nordberg

Student Work Agneta Nordberg

Helene Jalmarsson

Student Work Helene Jalmarsson

Helen Blackith

Student Work Helen Blackith

Karol M

Student Work Karol Meyers

 Youth Creative Work 

After several weeks of learning how to render the human form in different media; pencil, soft pastel, charcoal and watercolour students progressed taking their learning into the three dimeninal work of sculpture.

Fig Water Colour Studies

Amelia WaterColour figZuzanna WaterColour Fig

  Paper Maquettes

Students learned about the design process, working first in paper to identify any construction issues and then refining their design.

FeliciaPaper Maquette

Clay Sculptures

Clay 2ClayClay 4                              Clay 1

Clay 3

Bisque Firing Of Sculptures

                            Bisque FiringBisque Firing 1


With great excitement students look forward to our annual field trip to a local second hand shop to find discarded treasure.  Each student has a very limited budget to select a vast array of  items to repurpose for their assemblage project.

Slip & Bisj Firing

End Of Term Exhibition

A small glimpse of young students work over the Spring term selected and showcased by the students themselves. Friends and family are invited with the students having the opportunity to explain their individual creative journey to their guests.

Lanterns 1Exhibit 1Exhibit 3Exhibit 2Laterns Expo

With such creative genius unfolding in the studio over the past 6 months the Summer leads itself to fly solo exploring your new found artistic skills. Self practice reinforces  learning and helps you discover new ways of expression but always remember my mantra “JFP” (Just For Practice)

What will you be exploring, discovering and creating over the long hazy days of Summer? Don’t leave without commenting below. Happy Summer everyone!


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