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30 Jan 2015

Spring Term Art Kick-Off

The studio burst with activity as the spring term kicked off and students were welcomed back after their hiatus during the festive season. An increase in demand has necessitated adding two extra weekly classes into the schedule and a gloriously busy Spring term lays ahead.

We are kicking off the term with observing the human figure; the beauty of line, form, function, light and perspective will all be covered and rather magically with all the stars aligned each class will begin on the same subject matter. Fear not though as this alignment will not last for long as the curriculum for the various classes will evolve to meet the needs of individual classes. The vision is for some in-depth figurative painting work from my older students and the younger students taking their learning into the 3rd dimension of sculpture. Exciting times ahead as I am sure we will explore many variations of the human form over the next few weeks – all in the name of Art!

Studio Model

Studio Model

My friendly studio companion served as a source of entertainment and education as the students explored various model poses. Warm up exercises of the ever faithful blind contour sketching was made fun fun fun as each student took it in turn to strike a pose with only 1 minute to complete each sketch. This will really help students tune their skills for our intended field trip to Malmö central station for some live people sketching in the coming weeks. Work produced by students during their blind contour Sketching under the added pressure of the stop watch.

Blind Contor Sketch PPStudent BCS1                             Blind Contour                                                Student BCS2

Exercises to blow away the cobwebs and get the creative energy flowing after any pause is using a big stick! I have come to use this method more regularly to loosen up and free ones creative energy, however fear not as I am using some charcoal on the end of a stick whilst working on the floor and standing up tall.

Big Sticks In Action

The Big Sticks In Action

This is technically very challenging and students learn to give themselves permission to make mistakes, whilst never trying to control the outcome but aiming for abstract, funky and bizarre creations. Here are selections of student’s works chosen at random and unnamed but the student age ranges from 7 to 40+

LilthAdult. 2Isabel     Charcoal Long Stick Drawing 5IMG_7182      FreyaHailey   


Younger Students had a glorious time dawning gloves and getting tactile with using their fingers and whole hands to help bring their linear sketches to a new dimension.

Finger Charcoal

Finger Charcoal

One student’s comment when seeing the class work laid out was ‘these would make a great fabric design’.  I would love to here how you envision this collection of work being used? Please don’t leave without commenting below.

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  1. Kim Owen

    … your energy and passion for teaching and inspiring students is wonderful very evident, only wish I lived nearby so as to join in the process!

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