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5 Sep 2014

Spick & Span

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During the long glorious Summer I was kept busy with family upheavals, as my first 2 sons relocated to England to live their sporting dreams. My creative soul, put on stand-by for several months has gone into manic overdrive in an attempt to fill the chasm of my chicks leaving home.


Clean & Tidy

It has been a busy few weeks getting the Studio into ship shape before the new term ahead. The 3 pile practice of Throw away, Keep and Giveaway does work wonders but beldam ensures for weeks after as the bits and bobs have found a new location but I can’t for the life of me remember where. I Definitely believe I am better organised in a mess and do love the slow degeneration of tidy into my organised chaos as the months unfold.

Studio space

Bits & Bobs in place

With a whole year under my belt of kiln practice, trails, errors and some down right disasters; I am safely armed with a vast range of my own glass firing schedules, Yippee! My Kiln required inspection, deep clean and all 8 shelves recoated with shelf primer, what a messy laborious procedure. Now set for a whole new series of experimentations with clay.

Combi Kiln

Ready for new experiments

I have decided to streamline my art classes in an attempt to improve my time management and free up some valuable self practice hours. I still pride myself in being able to provide valuable individual instructions during class by keeping the class sizes small. As sign-up begins and the classes fill it is looking like a busy term time ahead. Bring it on!!


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