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29 Jan 2016

Soul Song

The New Year brings a delicious array of possibilities, a blank canvas, a fresh start or the untrodden road in life’s adventure conquers up excitement mixed with trepidation. Who struggles with keeping New Year resolutions? Mine are all broken by the 3rd week in January – Broken is such a negative word and makes one feel guilty for having failed so no resolutions this year, Yah! I have however committed to covering that blank canvas in a number of ways, first fulfilling a promise to a dear friend and returning to my yoga practice after a 3 year absence. A commitment to finding my stillness through yoga, a quietness to listen and tune into my intuition with the beauty of honing into my unique creative soul song throughout 2016.

Soul Song CiArtStillness CiArt

These little visual beauties are on display in my studio to help guide me on my creative course throughout the year.

Mantra 2016 CiArt

Mantra For 2016

Following the wonderful creative awakenings of 2015 with Tracy Verdugo’s amazeballs  Paint Mojo Course  naturally the glorious creative exploration continues. I have been gifted LifeBook2016 from family, a year long mixed media course organized by Tamara Laporte along with 23 other incredible art teachers. A great why to get a taste of mixed media with an insight into the varied and mysterious materials used in this exciting genre of art. Every week a new a lesson is offered and at times a bonus lesson so lots of new techniques to explore.

WIP Happy Traveler

Work In Progress (WIP) Happy Traveler from Lifebook 2016

Finding Life Book a splendid way to spend studio time between weekday art classes were projects can be worked on for short periods stopped and started as time allows. Fear not the large canvas has not been abandoned as I continue to explore my love of slopping paint onto large canvases over the weekends exploring and deepening my knowledge as I continue to develop my own unique mojo.

Mojo CiArt

Finding My Mojo Voice

A sense of excitement is building deep inside my gut- I am on the cusp of finding a new creative voice. In the hope to tip the balance I have signed up for flora Bowley’s  Bloom True E-Course Canvas that have been sitting ideal for several years have been splashed, dripped and smuged with delicious colours in multi layers. Also find myself falling in love with the mindfulness that accompanies Flora’s unique teachings.

Blooming CiArt

Blooming Marvellous Creations From Bloom True course

This years blog will continue to be dedicated to students progress in the studio but also my own creative growth and development on these 2 exciting E-courses. Stick around as I share the journey of my Soul’s Song but with all my heart I dearly hope these artful ramblings will inspire you to jump on board and find your creative voice. Why not come join me? Hand on my heart on-line art courses with easy access at times convient the individuls have opened up a new era in art education. Last years development and expansion in my creative knowledge was vast with the added bonus of an encouraging online community of like minded individual all sharing their unique stories. Can’t wait to see were this year will lead and the exciting possibilities that await, my advise jump on board this wonderful creative adventure and make 2016 your year to shine.

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