Creative Musings

19 Sep 2014

Sally The Camel

Classes are full with eager fellow creative souls as the past 2 weeks have been delectably inspiring. Four classes are now running catering for artists 5 to 50+ year. Irrespective of age Sally the Camel has her moment of glory as a valuable aid in class.

SallyLiam and camel








No I did not take the children’s childhood pet to have it stuffed and shrink wrapped in leather.

Sally was acquired many moons ago whilst out Wadi bashing in Saudi Arabia under the stars and far from civilization. As we merged in our dusty 4×4’s blurry eyed from long nights around a smoky campfire, a stop at a local village sealed my long union with Sally. She has been chewed, battered, thrown around, part of numerous childhood imaginative adventures and most likely the best traveled camel in all of fake cameldom.

Classes are kick started with a quick recap of hand-eye coordination skills of continuous line drawing and blind sketching but with a big twist. Sally loves to strut her stuff to the crys of ‘what! this is impossible’, ‘No way you can’t be serious Ciara!” ‘I can’t do this” as kids and adults tackle this task in their own unique way.

Stick drawing2      Kids     Stick drawing

Large paper on floor and brandishing a big stick with charcoal attached this technically challenging blind contour drawing would ensure protests from the most devoted of artists. Once the nervous laughs of uncertainty subside, confidence builds and a quite concentration descents as the task at hand is completed with the end results surprising everyone.

8-10 years5-7 yrs

The student’s results are compared with works form masters such as Picasso and how this crazy impossible method can help take an artist’s work into the realm of abstract.


PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973)
’Bull – plate 11′, January 17, 1946 (lithograph)

No matter what age learning made fun engages the students and makes for a memorable life long experience.

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