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22 Dec 2014

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The use of evergreen trees to celebrate Winter Festivals has been around for thousands of years. During the Winter Solstice, Pagans used branches of fir trees to decorate their homes as a reminder of the coming Spring. Romans decorated their temples with evergreen branches and in many countries it was believed that witches, evil spirits and illness was kept away with this special tree.  It took  several centuries before this pagan tradition was converted by Christians who used the tree as a sign of everlasting life with God.

Bethlehem jpg

Bethlehem 2015 courtesy of Linda Decker

The very first documented use of a tree at Christmas was in the square of Riga, capital of Latvia, in 1510. It is believed that the German preacher Martin Luther was the first person to bring the fir tree into the house in the 16th Century.  In the 1830’s the first Christmas trees appeared in Britain made popular by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s German husband.

Gingerbread and apples decorated the first Christmas trees in Germany and then glass makers made special small ornaments and this tradition has remained until this day. In the Victorian times throughout Europe candles decorated trees to represents stars and in 1895 an American telephonist Ralph Morris invented the first electric Christmas lights thereby reducing the risk of fire.

Knitted in Devon Sally

Knitted In Devon -Sally Prosser

Dubai Chamel Sally

Dubai Camel – Sally Prosser





Flo & Bee Prosser

Handmade Flo & Bee Prosser


Our little Christmas trees whether celebrating Winter Solstice, warding off bad luck or a symbol of belief in your god or goddess, all have a very special place in all our hearts. As we unwrap each precious tree decoration the memories of a person, a time or a place warms our hearts. Treasured handmade children’s creations, a local artisan keepsake from travels, heirlooms passed down from mums or a special gift from a friend, they all have an important part to play in your family tradition. They are the red thread that hold our Christmas trees together.

Here is a small selection of connected Christmas Trees from friends and family around the world. All spreading the love, wonder and magic of Christmas.

Lawlor's Dublin Ireland

Lawlor’s Dublin Ireland

Sarah MacMahon Belfast

MacMahon’s Belfast N.Ireland

Nell Arciage Battersea London

Nell Arciage- Battersea London

Brunella Capitani

Steffan’s Berlin Germany


McNutly Malmo

McNutly’s Malmö Sweden







Rukshanna Nelson

Nelson’s Camberley England

Sally Prosser

Prosser’s Dubai UAE

Conways Freshwater Cairns

Conway’s Freshwater Cairns Australia









The Deckers Jerusalem

The Decker’s Jerusalem

Debbie Magill Lurgan

Debbie & Kevin Lurgan N. Ireland

Tracey Davies NY

Davies’s Bedford New York

 A little Something Alternative

Books Books & More Books

Ana Cob Malmo

BISM Librarian Ana Cob Malmö Sweden

Tropical Coastal Butterflies

Nicole W Lee Noosa

Artist Nicole W Lee Noosa Australia

Bespoke Baubles and Birds

Liz Wharton Kent UK

Lifelong Creative Liz Wharton Royal Tonbridge Wells, England

LW Gold BirdLW Red Bird

Thank-you all for sharing your wonderful Christmas trees and being my red thread throughout the year. Christmas is magical, it is full of hope for a better tomorrow, understanding, peace and end to world poverty.

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Would love to hear what family traditions make your Christmas special?




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