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16 May 2017

New Look & Creative Art Mix.

Woohoo thrilled to launch my new all singing all dancing website! Along with the spanking new site I enlisted professional help from the very talented Carolyn Drewery Graphic Design. Her expert design eye, ingenious thinking combined with an artistic background ensured my brief expectations were surpassed. Truly excited by this up to date sleek brand that will beautifully streamline across all platforms and into the future as more of my creative offerings are rolled out.

Hop over to show Carolyn’s graphic design start-up your support here Carolyn Drewery Graphic Design

In The Pipeline 

Dizzy with excitement as so many new developments are coming together behind the scenes alongside new creative projects for my in-person weekly classes.

It has been the busiest creative period of my career, thrilled and honoured on a daily basis to introduce more people to their creative selves. The emmence therapeutic benefits of art making, my deep belief we are all born creative and desire to colour this beautiful globe are the drivers behind my latest entrepreneurial adventure. My tried and true teaching techniques are coming on-line as I work tirelessly to bring my 12 week signature Creative Art Foundation Course out into the world. This major undertaking should be complete for February 2018 so watch this space. In the meantime excited to announce my “Magic Mandalas” a five day offering will be launched in September this year. 

As a token of gratitude to new folk, long-timers and everyone in-between the Magic Mandala course will be completely free to all my subscribers. Please feel free to share this marvellous opportunity with friends and family, this offer is only open to subscribers so sign up now.

The first Creative Art Mix workshop trail was a huge success with lots giggles, deep connections and more creative converts joining the art mix tribe. The Creative Art Mix workshops will be launched in the Autumn. Check out this short video.

Art Mix Workshop

Meanwhile in the studio 

After 12 intense weeks these ladies envisioned, developed and created their unique final masterpieces to grace their walls. Truly a remarkable journey for each new artist, I am honoured to guide and be part of their creative awaking.  

                                             Creative Art Foundation Students & Final Projects

Exciting news, two students are taking their art practice to new advanced heights with a duel art exhibition showcasing their first full series of works. Pop along Friday 19th May at 18.00-20.00 for a chat with the artists about their creative process and share a glass of wine. 

Please have a look around the new website would be thrilled to hear what you think? Please leave a comment below.   




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  1. This is my first visit and I am so impressed with your new website! It’s easy to navigate and I love the way the information is categorized. I will be sure to visit again. Congratulations on the launch.

    1. Dear Lynda, Gratitude for stopping by, I am just back from travels with no regular access to internet. Thrilled you enjoyed your virtual visit and found the new site easy to navigate which is always reassuring to know.
      Your support is truly appreciated.

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