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20 Aug 2014

New Adventures

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Well the time has come to cease procrastinating and jump head long into the cyber-sphere of blogging, gulp gulp. Would anybody be interested in my musings or disorganised ramblings? Blogging Abyss here I come ready or not.

My creative and artistic journey is a life long one; undoubtedly this will continue until my last breath. A product of Northern Irish Roman Catholic education in the 70’s/80’s dyslexia was not pondered and the ‘remedial’ label served as a blanket diagnosis for a multitude of learning challenges back in the day. Year 6 and 7 was spent blissfully playing pretend shop, painting, sewing or reciting poetry. This positively reinforced a love for all things creative and I could knit, sew, crochet, embroidery by the age of 10.

Dispite my dyslexia, it’s enforced challenges and the poorly resourced schools I excelled and enjoyed a successful career in critical care nursing living the big silent impossible childhood dream. I have lived and travelled extensively over the past 20+ years, living and nursing in 3 different continents but always keeping touch with my creative side; a workshop here, night class there, or specialised art course of various sorts. Beautiful Sweden imposed a career break due to the language barrier and with dyslexia it did prove a hard nut to crack. Using the opportunity and the wonderful Swedish work life balance to re-evaluate what is important in my life – Besides my family; Art and all things creative are what I breathe for. Following my heart and a life long desire I become an independent artist and in 2009 following the successful completion of a Merited Art and Design diploma I converted many years of clinical teaching and ACLS/BLS instructing to run various art classes for budding artists aged 5 to 80 years old.

I am Extremely fortunate to have a large basement with 2 studios, a 70liter combi kiln for ceramics and glass and a supportive family for all my wacky endeavors. My own creative expression and practice is invaluable it keeps me grounded. My work can be found in private collections in Sydney, Tokyo, Dubai, Amman, Lausanne, Göteberg, Malmö, Ottawa, Seattle, New York, Chicago, London, Dublin and Belfast.

This blog will share my thoughts, musings and all creative happenings in my universe.


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