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Materials List

Expensive Art supplies are not required, would advise you to wait until your knowledge and confidence builds with the aid of this course before investing in high end supplies. Some things can be found in and around your home or if family member or friend paints, check to see if they have any odds and sods they no longer need. Check your local large supermarket stationary aisle or DIY/hardware decorative section, you will be surprised at what you can pick up there.

All the supplies listed are not necessary from day one to get started, I have broken down supply list into weekly essentials.


Week 1

Sketch book A4

Sketching Pencils X 3  H, 2b & 4b or  HB, 2b & 6B or small set

Putty Rubber/Eraser


Old Magazines

Glue stick

Coloured markers or pencils

Poster Board A2// 17 x 22 inches



Week 2

Watercolour paper 300grms// 140lbs pad or large loose sheet (tore up)

Watercolour Paints Primary Red, Blue & Yellow or Basic watercolour set Payne’s Grey and Yellow Ochre, Burnt Siena, Ultramarine Blue, Hookers or Sap Green or any green if not in set

Watercolour brushes X 3  Large flat,  Medium round  & small round

Paint Palette small 

Small natural sponge

Masking fluid/ liquid plastic  

Washing up liquid

Pencil & Ruler

Putty Eraser (Week1)

Kitchen roll/Paper towels

2 water containers (Jam/jelly jars)

*Masking tape & Board (inexpensive mdf to tape down loose watercolour paper)

*If you have a watercolour block with secure pages then board & masking tape not required

Week 3

Oil Pastels Basic starter set of 12

Soft Pastel Set (Basic)

Pastel Paper – Pad or loose sheet 160gms//75lbs

Paper Blending sticks

Pastel fixative/hairspray

Dust mask

Plastic eraser/rubber (Week 1)

Week 4

Basic acrylic starter paint set large tatitium white and any other colours that you are drawn to

Pallette knives large medium small

Acrylic brushes (Hog hair) Large Medium Small flat and Large Medium & Small round,

Small Canvas square or rectangle approx 20x20cm//8x8inches 30x30cm//12x12inches or 20x30cms//8x12inches  

Large canvas/board/watercolour paper minimum approx. 50x70cms // 20 x 28inches

Medium of choice-Acrylic/watercolour/oil pastels/soft pastels in colours to match your final project palette 

Week 5 & 6

In week 5 and 6 you will be working on your final large project or series of works in medium of your choice .

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