Glass Art

Molten Fire

Malmö’s Famous Turning Torso An Iconic Scandinavian Glass Sculpture

Combining the love of art and the technical restrictive difficulties of glass these iconic sculptures dance in the light of day. All Turning Torso’s are made from the highest quality speciality glass. They are designed to accommodate a tealight and come with a tea light holder to allow for gentle illumination of the art piece at night.




Giraffe Family Series 



Silver Birch Series – Inspired By The Glorious Beauty of Swedish Forests

This series is a popular Scandinavian design inspired by numerous walks in the beautiful forests of Skåne. The modern fresh clean lines of white and black bring a touch of classical elegance for any interior. These pieces are individually handmade with every tree being different ensuring a truly unique glass art piece.




Fused Glass Tribal Sculpture