Frequently asked questions

How Does the E-Course Work?

The course content is delivered via a secure online classroom in a number of ways. For six weeks, you will receive two in-depth modules to follow along or at your own unique pace. You will have access to the course content for a whole year to visit time and time again.
Each module will have 2-5 video demonstrations, an extensive downloadable supporting pdf booklet, resources to deepen your learning and worksheets to guide your journey.
The course is structured sequentially with each module building on the previous module learning like building blocks. Essential elements of art and principles of design are taught, I share my techniques and process picked up over many years of practice. This builds a solid art foundation for you to spring board into your own independent and confident art practice. I share my unique creation cycle allowing you to take an original idea from your head to express on a large canvas for your final project or create a series of works that can be exhibited.

Why are places limited?

The course offers a unique 1:1 mentoring session with me to discuss your progress, plans for final project and your future artistic self. I have a vested interest in your artistic development and make myself available to support everyone on the course throughout the 6 weeks of course. I want you to have the best possible online art experience to grow into the confident and independent artist I know you will become.

Will the class open again the future?

Yes, the course will run bi-annually in February and September but be sure to get on the waiting list for the next session as places sell quickly.

What time commitment is required?

If you wholeheartedly what to take you art to the next level, immerse yourself and invest in your artistic development then a minimum of 5-6 hours a week. It can certainly require more time especially if you choose to dive deeper with the extra weekly prompts and resources. Trust me, what you put in you will get back 10-fold, if you’re willing to do the work your progress will astound you.

Will, I be able to communicate with others taking the course?

Yes, most definitely, you will be invited to a private facebook community where you can connect with others, share your work and course experiences. Here you will be encouraged by other beginners and seasoned artists.

Can I ask Ciara questions directly?

Absolutely, I am here for you! Ask me anything at all via email or within the facebook community. The class places are limited so I can devote my time to your artistic development.

I have never taken an on-line course before, do I need to be by my computer at certain times?

No, course content is accessible 24/7 in any time zone once released. You can download the pdfs to read when you are off line, you do need an internet connection to download the pdf’s and watch the videos.

Do I need a high-speed internet connection to view the course material?

A high-speed internet connection is necessary to view videos, as these are shot in HD it will save tremendous frustration. We are unable to provide alternative viewing options for people with very slow or dial-up connections. We cannot give refunds if you are having video viewing issues due to your internet. If you have regular broadband and if you were able to view the introduction video then you should be fine.

How long with the class and videos be available?

You will have access to the classroom content and videos to revisit time and again for a whole year. The facebook community will stay open indefinitely.

Are the Videos Downloadable?

You will have access to the videos via the classroom for a whole year, they are not downloadable.