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10 Nov 2015

First Exhibit For Merging Artists

Great excitement as my students embark on their very first group exhibit at Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang. The cosy family run cultural cafe in the beautiful village of Arrie is the setting for our November exhibit.

Arrie Kulturhus & Cafe CiArt

Friendly Welcome Awaits At Arrie Kulturhus & Cafe

The cafe/restaurant offers home baked and freshly prepared food from locally sourced ingredients; it is well worth a trip to sample their daily lunch offering. Check out the Facebook page here  Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe

CiArt Students

Large panoramic windows with uninterrupted views across open countryside make for an open bright setting for fika or lunch. Light floods the cafe making it an ideal space to showcase artists work.

Arrie Cafe Student Exhibit CiArt 1

Rebacca & Pat’s Work

Judi H

Judi’s Work

Pat Pitcher

Pat’s Work

Arrie Cafe Student Exhibit CiArt 2

Val, Pat and Agneta’s Work

Pat Work

Pat’s Work

The Exhibition will be insitu for the whole month of November pop along to check it out. Opening times Tuesday -Friday 10.00-20.00 Saturday 10.00-16.00 with popular Saturday brunch served until 14.00 Address Möllegårdsvägen 12 Arrie

Val With Work

Artist Valerie Andersson Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang Nov 2015

Agneta With Her Work

Artist Agneta Nordberg Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang Nov 2015

Rebecca With Work

Artist Rebecca Haines Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang Nov 2015

Pat With Work

Artist Pat Pitcher Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang Nov 2015

Judi With Work

Artist Judi Hildebrand Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang Nov 2015










I am bursting with pride at the remarkable leap of faith the student’s took in their learning process. They are flying quite beautifully while putting their hearts and souls on very public display. I congratulate them all on a remarkable openness to learn, dedication to their art and willingness to raise the bench mark. Well done one and all this is only the beginning of greater things to come.

Artists Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe:Restaurang Nov 2015

Artists Exhibiting Arrie Kulturhus & Kafe/Restaurang Nov 2015

Have you ever taken a leap of faith whist paralyised with doubt ? Would love to hear about your experience; it does not need to be art related any aspect of life would be great. Leave a comment below.

9 Responses

    1. Dear Juliene, How very exciting for all the artists to know their work is engaging it’s public audience and drawing so much interest, a credit to their work. I have PM you.

  1. Corinna Pfannschmidt

    Very well done, girls! Your very first exhibition! Congratulations! What a pity I can’t be there and admire your work. I am missing you! 😍

    1. Oh Corinna your work should have been exhibited long ago. I hope you are making progress and ready for your next step into exhibiting. You are dearly missed.

      1. Corinna Pfannschmidt

        Hi Ciara, I think I would not have the courage to exhibit! But I am still practicing with my new teachers in Germany and making progress.

  2. Pat Pitcher

    Thank you Ciara for arranging this event and providing us with the opportunity to learn what it is like to put one’s self (this being our art work) out there on the wall for all to see and critique. Being a beginner in the world of actually creating art pieces I have discovered a deep appreciation for the artist presenting their work. There is a person and a story behind every piece of art work. Whether I like the story or not, I understand the courage it takes for the artist to create and present that story. I look forward to continue this journey into the world of self awareness thru paint!

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