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1 Jun 2015

Figurative Loosening Up Technique

Here is a great method to help remove the tightness and formality associated with figurative art.

Dissolving Method                                                                                                               Fellow  Malmö Basement Artist (MBA) Gunilla Wiinberg devised this technique. A wonderful method to dispel the tightness of figurative drawing/painting. There is a liberating freedom and looseness with this technique and one can achieve credible depth of form tittering on the abstract. Best of all it is great fun.

Materials                                                                                                                      Watercolour Paper 300gms                                                                                                Wooden Board                                                                                                                             Masking tape                                                                                                                                   Tube of Watercolour paint in any colour                                                                          Running Water & Sink but a jug of water outdoors would work also.

1. Tape some 300g paper to a board with masking tape.

2. Taking a tube of watercolour roughly outline a figure using the paint straight from the tube. Expect paint clumps and misses in this simple linear outline.

3. Leave aside for 4-7 minutes to allow pigment to absorb into the paper then using lightly running water activate the paint.

4. Gently manipulate the board by shaking, rotating or tilting at different angles so that paint runs.

Karol Meyers

Karol Meyers – Following Paint Manipulation

5. Once happy with the smokey effect leave aside to dry or you can hang or leave up right to continue it’s own journey while drying

Dissolved Figurative Method

Students Work Drying

Adult Students Work Dissolving Method’ 

Disolving Figure Helene

Helene Jalmarsson

Disolving Figure Agneta

Agneta Nordberg

Pat Pitcher Dissolving method

Pat Pitcher

Judi Hildebrand

Judi Hildebrand

Would love to hear from you when you give this technique a try,  please feel free to share your results. If anyone has other useful loosening up techniques please get in touch.


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