Selected Exhibitions

  • Easter Exhibition Påskutställning 2016  25-28th Mar/2-3 April Gula Längan Arrie Kulturhus Möllegårdsvägen 12 Arrie

Easter Exhibit

  • Konstmässan 2015  Luftkastellet October 30th – November 1st 2015


  • Åkerlund & Rausings Konstförening  August 1st  to 31st 2015

                                      Bringer Of Joy I have WingsFlight Of Fancy

Turning Torso Series Turning Torso

  • Konst För Bröst 2013 
Mayfair Hotel Tunnlen Oct 12th – 19thIMG_5442IMG_5577
Konst För Bröst 2013

Talented Johan Sandberg & Klas Wounsch

  • Märtas Kafé & Butik 2013 
Group Exhibit February 9th – March 9th
Framed mixed media

First Kiss

  • Caroli Julmarknad 2012


  • ‘Torso’  Wagner Kiropraktik  Solo Exhibit Nov-Dec 2012

IMG_1046 IMG_1037


  • Konst För Bröst 2012
 Gallari Minerva  Adelgatan 4 Malmö
 Group Exhibit  October 6th – 13th

‘All Woman’ Model Nuala Smith

Wonderful Peder Lamm in action


  • Bra Art Auction 2011 
Moriska Paviljongen Folkets Park Malmö 
Group Exhibit October 15th  2011

BRA-art 037 IMG_7598IMG_7499

  • ‘Free To Be’ 
Galleri Sagoy  Erikslustvägen 2 Malmö 
Solo Exhibit September 4th – 11th 2010    Various media are juxtaposed to highlight the plight of Afghanistan’s longstanding second-class gender. This exhibition’s ambition is to stimulate discussions, provide impetus for viewers’ own thinking about the topic, and not least, open up perspectives. The audience has the opportunity to immerse and participate within the work, thus being drawn into a narrative, which the artist started, and they complete. 


  • Café GRUE
 MBA Group Exhibit  Malmö
April 2010 until June 2010 


  • ‘The Journey’ 
Solo Exhibit 
December 2009 Malmö
 A body of work depicting my story of Northern Ireland’s Journey to Peace. All images evolved from memories of emotion and feelings of time, place and events 
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