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7 Feb 2015

Creative Youth

My younger students never cease to amaze me with their thirst for learning and ability to absorb such vast amounts of information. The learning curve these past weeks has shot off the chat and I don’t believe life study interruption and rendering has ever been done so well in the 8-10 minute time limit given in this exercise. Can you guess who the life model was?

Isabel CW Art

Isabel’s Life Study

Freya CW Art

Freya’s Life Study









Hailey CW Art

Hailey’s Life Study

Lilith CW Art

Lilith’s Life Study










Some model poses using the 71/2  head proportional rule.

Emil CW Art

Emil’s Model

Jorie CW Art

Jorie’s Model

What is really impressive is the wonderful proportional length in the arms, many many students make the arms to short.

Varshini CW Art

Varshini’s Model

Celina CW Art

Celina’s Model










Touching The Basics Of Foreshortening

Gabriele CW Art

Gabriele Foreshortening Study

Valeria CW Art

Valeria’s Foreshortening Study


Adriana CW Art

Adriana’s Foreshortened Study

Felicia CW Art

Felicia’s Foreshortened Study


Adding Colour And Looseness To Figurative Studies

                  Ciara's Class In ActionMYP Class CW Art   Celina Watercolour Fig                                     Varshini Watercolour FigJorie Watercolour Fig  Emil Figs in Action

All Prepped For Figurative Negative Space Study


Michael’s Mixed Media Prep

Alec CW Art

Alec’s Mixed Media Prep










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  1. Anonymous

    Adriana’s was amazing, a child so young to draw with such detail and Alec’s was so abstract that it fitted the painting.

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