Creative Studio Antics

7 Apr 2017

Creative Studio Antics

The studio has been a thriving hive of creative goodness as students from 7 to 60 years old have been rocking to their individual creative soul song.

Adult Creative Art Foundation
This creative tribe are pushing boundaries, excelling all expectations especially their own and are a delight to guide on their individual creative journey.


Students were introduced to acrylics in Week 6, they all embraced the challenge of working with a palette knife beautifully.  

Acrylic Introduction Elisa Sirviö .                     Acrylic Introduction Diana Isaksone
           Acrylic Introduction Elisa Sirviö                               Acrylic Introduction Diana Isaksone
Week 6 Franziska von Vietinghoff-Riesch
                                                 Week 6 Franziska von Vietinghoff-Riesch

As the course progresses students work on their individual final projects putting all they have learned to date into practice. Exciting times as seeds of ideas are given wings and students manifest their creative voice. 

Work In Progress For Final Large Projects 


Kids Classes

Strange antics with using blindfolded art as a tool to explore cubism & colour theory.

Fun With Blindfolded Art

Cubism Fun

Work in progress with mixed media mandala’s 

 “Dream a little dream for me…….” Mixed Media Dreamcatchers


So much activity in the studio to delight my creative heart and the story is not complete. Watch this space for the sequeal and the rocking intermediate and advanced classes. 

Please leave a comment below, would love to hear what delights you and rocks your world?  

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