InstructorCiara Wharton
TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 5, 2018 - Feb 3, 2019
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Let Your Creative Journey Begin! 

Over six weeks core visual elements of line, colour, scale, proportion, composition and expression are explored through a variety of media such as wartercolour, acrylic, oil pastels and soft pastels. Students are shown how to take their independent ideas through a process of creative development and by the end of the 6 weeks will have several works that can be hung in pride of place including their final project consisting of a large canvas approximately 50x70cms // 20x28inches or series for exhibitionใ

Just some skills covered over the 6 week course 

  • Sketching techniques
  • Sourcing inspiration and developing ideas
  • Colour theory
  • Watercolour introduction & techniques 
  • Still-life
  • Oil pastel & soft pastel introduction
  • Perspective 
  • Acrylic Introduction
  • Concept development 
  • Large final project or small series 
Student Work From Foundation Course 

This tried and tested course is structured sequentially with each module building upon knowledge from the previous module creating a solid art foundation. An intensive E-course of my successful in-person foundation course condensed into six weeks for in-depth learning and artistic skills acquisition. New material has been developed and added to ensure the best possible on-line learning experience for those new to art as well as the seasoned artists. 

My unique technique instills a new found artistic confidence and independence as many of my past students have gone on to have exhibitions, set-up their own practice and sell their work. This is not a fast track course if you show up, do the work you will reap the creative rewards. 

Section 1Welcome & Introduction
Section 2Week 1 Observation & Drawing
Lecture 2Module 1 Introduction
Lecture 3Module 1 Observation
Lecture 4Module 1 Sketch Books & Pencils
Lecture 5Module 1 Drawing
Lecture 6Module 1 Tonal Values & Forms In Practice
Lecture 7Module 1 Resources
Lecture 8Preparation Module 2
Section 3Week 1 Incubating Ideas
Lecture 9Module 2 Introduction
Lecture 10Module 2 Mind Mapping
Lecture 11Module 2 Developing Theme/Concept
Lecture 12Module 2 Resources
Lecture 13Preparation for Week 2
Section 4Week 2 Introduction Watercolour & Colour Theory
Lecture 14Module 3 Introduction
Lecture 15Module 3 Introduction To Watercolour & Equipment
Lecture 16Module 3 Basic Colour Theory
Lecture 17Module 3 Watercolour Techniques
Lecture 18Module 3 Resources
Lecture 19Preparation for Module 4
Section 5Week 2 Diving Deeper
Lecture 20Module 4 Introduction
Lecture 21Module 4 Diving Deeper Colour Theory
Lecture 22Module 4 Diving Deeper Watercolour Techniques
Lecture 23Module 4 Watercolour Masterclass
Lecture 24Module 4 Watercolour Masterclass
Lecture 25Module 5 Resources
Lecture 26Preparations Week 3
Section 6Week 3 Still Life & Oil Pastels
Lecture 27Module 5 Introduction
Lecture 28Module 5 Still Life
Lecture 29Module 5 Thumbnail Sketches
Lecture 30Module 5 Introduction To Oil Pastels
Lecture 31Module 5 Still Life Development
Lecture 32Module 5 Still Life Master Class
Lecture 33Module 5 Resources
Lecture 34Preparation Module 6
Lecture 35Book Personal 1:1 Mentor
Section 7Week 3 Perspective & Soft Pastels
Lecture 36Module 6 Introduction
Lecture 37Module 6 Perspective & History of Perspective
Lecture 38Module 6 Linear Perspective
Lecture 39Module 6 Atmospheric Perspective
Lecture 40Module 6 Introduction to Soft Pastel
Lecture 41Module 6 Pastel Study
Lecture 42Module 6 Resources
Lecture 43Preparation Week 8
Section 8Week 4 Introduction To Acrylic
Lecture 44Module 7 Introduction
Lecture 45Module 7 Introduction To Acrylics
Lecture 46Module 7 Painting/Palette Knife
Lecture 47Module 7 Acrylic Painting With Palette knife
Lecture 48Module 7 Resources
Lecture 49Preparation for Module 8
Section 9Week 4 Personal 1:1 Development Sessions
Lecture 50Module 8 Introduction
Lecture 51Module 8 Final Project
Lecture 52Module 8 Generate Ideas/Concept
Lecture 53Module 8 Evaluate
Lecture 54Module 8 Personal 1:1 Development Session
Lecture 55Module 8 Bonus Videos
Lecture 56Preparation Week 5
Section 10Week 5 Explore & Plan Personal Theme
Lecture 57Module 9 Introduction
Lecture 58Module 9 Investigate/Expansion Stage
Lecture 59Module 9 Development Stage
Lecture 60Module 9 Planning Stage
Lecture 61Module 9 Creation Stage
Lecture 62Module 9 Complete
Lecture 63Module 9 Resources
Lecture 64Preparation for Module 10
Section 11Week 5 Transferring Images
Lecture 65Module 10 Transferring Images
Lecture 66Module 10 Enlarging Images
Lecture 67Module 10 Transferring Images
Lecture 68Module 10 Bonus Video
Lecture 69Module 10 Resources
Lecture 70Preparation Week 6
Section 12Week 6 How To Critique
Lecture 71Module 11 Introduction
Lecture 72Module 11 Self Critique
Lecture 73Module 11 Give & Write A Critique
Lecture 74Module 11 Resources
Lecture 75Preparation Module 12
Section 13Week 6 Self Value & Reflection
Lecture 76Module 12 Introduction
Lecture 77Module 12 Exhibition Ready
Lecture 78Module 12 Value Your Work
Lecture 79Module 12 Reflection
Section 14Support