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29 Sep 2016


Well Howdy all, it has been quite some time!. Life dropped down a rabbit hole into a wonderland of creativity, new bodies of work were produced and a flurry of delicious commissions were completed for new costumers.

The new series explored dreamcatcher art in a variety of media combining two ancient beliefs of our celestial and spirit guide influences.


Mini Dreamcatcher WIP

Dreamer catchers protect the sleeper from negative dreams and have been a part of the native American culture for centuries. The positive dreams slip through the centre and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person below while the negative dreams get caught in the web to be burnt off by the sunlight in the morning. New Zodiac Dreamcatchers now listed in my Etsy On Line Shop


Zodiac Dreamcatchers

With the shift into a more mindful lifestyle the spiritual significance of the mandala was explored in second mini series. The mandala an ancient Indian Hindu spiritual and ritual tool that was later adapted by Buddhists and Christians. Mandala = Circle, wholeness, our relationship with infinity beyond mind and body. Mandalas occur in every aspect of life – earth, sun, moon and beyond reminding us of our connection with the universe.


Modern day use of the mandalas help to calm, establish a meditative flow and generate a sacred space. This was a fun, calming and mediative process, one can see why the adult mandala colouring books have become very popular.

This year has seen a increased demand in art commissions for very special occasions from teenage birthdays to mid century milestones and beautiful wedding presents.

birthday-dreamcatcher art-insitua-50th-birthday-treat ruths-dreamsgabby-18th stag-dreamcatcher

A delightful surprise moved this beautiful bride to tears – A personalised wedding gift combining two different cultures/nationalities in the place where their love bloomed. The piece was united with ancient aboriginal and English pagan symbolism, star signs and childhood memories.


Robyn & Simon with their personalised surprise wedding gift


New Mr & Mrs Kirkland









There is no better way to make a heart sing than strangers being moved by one’s creative process. Your comments are very much appreciated below. Would love to hear about your creative process? What moves you in art? Any recommendations for an adult colour book?

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