Is This Course For Me?

I have never painted before is this class for me?

Absolutely Yes!  I have been teaching this foundation course for over 8 years, if you can hold a pen to sign your name I can teach you how to paint. No ‘special gift’ needed, you are born creative and my tried and tested teaching method reconnects you to your inner dormant creative. You will be taught the elements of art and principles of design that builds a solid art foundation to give you confidence and independence. This course gives you wings.

I am a seasoned artist, is this course for me?

A wholehearted Yes! If you would like to take your art to the next level and are serious about your development as an artist then this is the perfect course. Want to take your original idea from your head and express it on a large canvas, perhaps learn how to build a body of work for exhibit, this course shows you how. If you are a proficient watercolour artist looking to explore another medium or genre of art this course pushes boundaries.  The projects and various media explored are so varied they will certainly broaden your artistic voice.

How do I know if this course is for me?

Feel something stirring inside, your curiosity or an excitement, perhaps the time is right to invest in some precious “ME TIME”. Your sleeping creative is stretching out of her or his slumber ready to explore a life changing artistic adventure. It is time to grow and connect with your inner creative self.

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