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27 Sep 2015

Autumn Studio Wonderment

Autumn studio art class routine is established with a diverse range of activities getting the creative wonderment flowing.


Architectural cross over into art is being investigated with large scale line and form.

Scaling upLine & form  

Art class was taken on location out and about exploring the wonderful architectural delights of downtown Malmö. Location sketching and a catalog of photographs collected to work on over the following weeks in the studio.

Location Studies 1Location Studies 

Tonal value studies in paper collage were carried out form sketches and photographs.

Organising tonal value Tonal Value in paper Collage 


The ever popular human figure is being explored with a large variety of techniques to remove the tightness this genre of art can impose.

Loosening upDissolving Technique

Exploring the human form would not be complete without a location session exploring figures in motion. Malmö central station served the students well for studying the human strolling, rushing, running, waiting and carrying/pulling/pushing a variety of bags, cases, trolleys and buggies.

Malmo Central StationLife StudiesMalmo Central Life Studies

Kids Classes

Children are having fun fun fun exploring watercolours in more depth. Wet on dry technique was the happy choice for making Summer Memories.

Summer Memories Varshini Age 7

Summer Memories – Varshini Age 7

Summer Merories Delicious

Comic Creatures  Tonal value and wet on wet technique explored creating comic creatures while definition and highlighting  brought the creatures to life. I hope you enjoy the 2 small video clips made of the children zoned into their work.

Creature Creations Hailey

Creature Creations Isabel

               Comic Creatures             Comic Creatures Class Comic Creatures Hailey Comic Creatures Isabel 

Exciting times in the studio with the start of the new term. How lucky I am to be part of my students amazing creative journey, this makes my heart sing.

Drop a wee comment below, what makes your heart sing in Autumn? 

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