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27 Oct 2016

Autumn Art Classes – Landscapes

Autumn term kicked off with exploring landscapes especially in and round beautiful Malmo. Taking full advantage of the fine start to Autumn several weeks was spent outdoors having fun in the sun, mostly.

The children’s class embraced the adventure of exploring forests and lakes in the wonderfully diverse Pildammsparken in Malmö.


Sketching In The Park


Kids Class Sketching







The outdoor sketching was taken into the studio as the children converted their location work into beautiful coloured sketches before rendering their landscapes in watercolour.


Studio Watercolour Play From Interpreted Location Sketches

Meanwhile the adult classes have been connecting with their inner child in playful studio sessions – stamping with everyday objects and vegetables especially the very humble potato. This prep work was used at a later date for some loose abstract landscapes.


Warm-up Exercises Playing With Monoprints & Vegetable Stamping

Love it when the students trust the process and surprise themselves with incredible work – This is the best reward as an instructor.


A Small Selection of Student Monoprint Collage & Stamping Landscapes

Classes where introduced to the methods of Plein Air (in the open) capturing mood, the essence, the shifting light and movement in this very special landscape technique. Working outside the studio presents many challenges for the students besides the unpredictable weather conditions. It is necessary to be organised, think ahead about suitable materials and techniques, these need to be compact and transportable to carry as well as ensuring sufficient selection for a variety of interesting works. A camera is also an essential tool to capture fleeting shifts in light, panoramic views and brilliant for collecting inspiration to use along with sketches and notes for larger bodies of work.


Prelim Sketching & Watercolours

Not everyone was fortunate enough to enjoy the mild Weather and a more extreme plein air challenge ensured as mother nature stopped toying with us and Autumn came hard and fast.


Challenging Plein Air – Watercolours and sketching.

Boundaries where pushed and everyone gracefully stepped outside their comfort zone in the pursuit of their artistic genius  – A demanding challenge was set to complete a large plein air painting in just over 2.5  hours.


The class even had time to enjoy some fun distraction and interaction with courious passer-byes.


A spectator Sport

Congratulations everyone managed to render a remarkable piece of work – not easy with gusts of wind playing havoc with the easels and supplies but this is the unexpected dimension of being open to the elements. Such joyous satisfaction as the unimaginable actually unfolds and everyone went home with a remarkable painting to be very proud of.


Fantastic raising to the challenge of completing a Plein Air work in 2.5 hours

Would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy leave a comment below. What boundaries would you like to push?  Do you have a burning desire for a new challenge?  What is your favourite “go to” travel tool/companion when you are out and about locally or traveling further afield?

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