Flight Of Fancy 

The dragonfly is a remarkable creature moving at an amazing 72 kilometers an hour. Moving in all six directions with grace and poise like a principle ballet dancer. In most parts of the world it symbolizes change as well as change in the perspective of self-realization, mental and emotional maturity. The dragonfly is associated with scurrying across water to represent going beyond what’s on the surface and looking at the deeper aspects of life. A messenger of wisdom and enlightenment as one begins to understand the deeper meaning of life with elegance, grace, power and poise.





Giraffe Family Series

Paintings & Drawings


Mono Collages

Unique acrylic monotype collage collection. There is only one rubbing transferred making each sheet a one-of-a-kind, as mono suggests. The imprint form of the textured collage allows a subtle depth in the line quality of a print, combined with the versatility of painting, resulting in a vibrant one off art piece. This original technique of combining printmaking, painting and collage offers an unexpected spontaneity. The finished work entails collating many textured printed sheets to create an emotional harmony of the subject matter.





Fun & Whimsical