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Creative Art Foundation E-Course Coming Soon

Exciting times, currently working on getting my popular art foundation course on-line so that more beautiful creative souls can join the movement to paint this magical globe in their own special way. 

We are all born creative, I am here to guide you back to your playful creative place enjoyed as a child before the demands of society and life caused the disconnect. As you read there is a flurry of digital activity working tirelessly to make this programe the most inspiring art foundation course to reach your desk top, lap top, ipads or phones.

To be the first to hear about the launch date and early bird registration for this exciting new offering sign up here 

The on-line foundation course is suitable for the completed beginner as well as the avid artist who would like to explore another medium or seeking to visualise their original ideas into a large body of work or a series of works. There is a wealth of learning building strong foundations helping you become artistically confident and independent. Several students have gone on to excel their expectations setting up their own studio practice, having exhibits and selling their work.

Welcome it is my pleasure to guide you on this exciting creative journey 

Check out Creative Foundation Student Gallery for an extensive range of mediums and projects explored over the in-depth 12 weeks of the art foundation course. Students are shown how to take their original ideas, develop them into a tangible large work or a series of works.  



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