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28 Feb 2015

Art Class Going Live

Malmö was hit in style with art students unleashed to a gracious public on our recent life sketching excursions. Malmö Central station and Triangeln served as the backdrop for an enriching art class experience. 

Figure study

Malmö Central Station Figurative Study Trip

A fulfilling learning experience for everyone with the No 1 rule ‘give yourself permission to make mistakes’. Mind you with the commuter rush there was no time for mistakes as the general public rushed past in all shapes, sizes and configurations.

Life Sketching MYPLife Sketching HelenLife SketchingLife Sketching Kids

Life Sketching VirshiniLife Sketching EmilLife Sketching Celina 1Life Sketching JorieLife Sketching Virshini 1

Life Sketching Pat

Students from 7 years to 30 something put their many hours of hand eye co-ordination practice to good use as the general public whizzed past. Children, teens and adults achieved some insightful and unexpected material to bring forward into their next phase of learning.

Would love to hear any idea’s for other good places to practice life sketching while on the go? Please leave a comment below.

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