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1 Oct 2015


A functional art form that for centuries has been used by clients to embody their social status and egos. Grand monuments, palaces, cathedrals, tower blocks, towns and homes in a very public domain once seen cannot be unseen unlike a piece of art hanging on the wall.

Many artists turn to architecture for inspiration as the main subject matter or background detail for their work. There are a multitude of different ways to interpret architecture in art with realistic drawings and paintings, interior details, fantasy or imaginary building.

Art and architecture overlap, artists that use public spaces depend on architectural engineers to ensure their dreams are envisioned. Many artists have been architects themselves, a career that can pay the bills before branching out as an artist.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1864-1933 Scottish architect and designer was also an accomplished watercolourist.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

La Ville watercolour 1926 Charles Rennie Mackintosh

If you would like more details on Mackintosh there are several informative articles on  Scotiana

Gordan Matta-Clark 1943-1978 studied architecture at Cornell university.  His sculptural interventions he referred to as anarchitect and the most profound works were his “Building Cuts”


Splitting: 1974 Gordan Matta-Clark

Master architect extraordinar Antoni Gaudí 1852-1926 was a complete artist with the same passion for music, maths, town planning, sculpture along with many art forms. So complete was Gaudí’s knowledge of every art form Casa Batlló and Casa Milá are impressive examples of architecture being married with interior design and decoration.

Gaudí Casa Milá CiArt

Gaudí Casa Milá

Gaudí Casa Batlló photo CiArt

Gaudí Casa Batlló

An untimely traffic accident robs the world of a great master before Gaudí could complete his greatest work on the Sagrada Familia.


Façade Sagrada Familia

The Façade shows how Gaudí’s art evolved since 1884 to 1926 and beyond because he left behind a large number of plans, drawings and models making it possible to continue the colossal and majestic building. 

Gaudí Sagrada Familia Photo CiArt

Gaudí Sagrada Familia

 Columns are designed with reference to the structure of trees, plants and their branches.

Sagrada Familia Interior Photo CiArt

Sagrada Familia Interior

Work was still underway during my visit in 2009 with an estimated completion date in 2028. Sagrada Familia was consecrated in 2010 allowing the unfinished building to be used for religious services. This incredible project can be compared to the inspiring work of Cathedral builders in the Middle Ages who also faced time challenges spanning centuries.

Living in Malmö alongside Scandinavian’s iconic Turning Torso one cannot help but be captivated by the beauty dancing to the rhythm of the Øresund and ever changing seasons. Designed by Santiago Calatrava Valla a neofuturistic architect, structural engineer, sculptor and painter. Calatrava’s Turning Torso was inspired by Halliday Avray-Wilson’s  Twisting Male Torso sculptor.


Scandinavia tallest building reaching 190 meters into the sky as the concrete and steel tower turns 90 degrees from it’s base.

Torso CiArt                      Turning Torso CiArt                       Turning Torso Photo CiArt

What is your favorite building or do you have a particular architect who’s work you are drawn to?  Leave your comment below.


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