In-Person Classes

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”      

Pablo Picasso

Creative Art Mix Classes

It has been a honour to share my knowledge and introduce countless individuals to the creative beauty of art for nearly a decade. I firmly believe we are all born creative and just need a guide back to that creative playful place we enjoyed as a child. The therapeutic benefits of art are well documented so if you are curious about art, enjoyed art at school, can write your name or would like to invest in some ‘ME’ time then one of my many art courses is designed especially for you.

My spacious basement studio is a hive of creative activity with a wide variety of in-person art classes to suit students 5 to 80 years old. In a relaxed encouraging environment with like minded individuals your authentic voice will blossom wither a complete beginner or experienced artist, your creative dream awaits.


Creative Foundation Course 

A unique foundation course designed for the complete beginner, someone who has enjoyed art at school or taken a few casual art classes in the past. This course is beneficial to established artists helping to develop a solid foundation in expressing and developing your ideas and concepts into large bodies of work. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore several different mediums building confidence and knowledge in a new art form or taking your knowledge on a deeper creative journey.  

Over the 12 intensive weeks core visual elements of line, colour, scale, proportion, composition and expression are explored through a variety of media such as wartercolour, acrylic, oil pastels and soft pastels. Students are shown how to take their independent ideas through a process of creative development and by the end of the 12 weeks will have several works that can be hung in pride of place including their final project consisting of a large 50×70 canvas. All materials are provided with advice and guidance given on investing in your medium of choice as you continue your art practice independently or take it to the next intermediate level. Practical skills are reinforced with regular newsletters throughout the 12 weeks which become an invaluable art foundation book and resource tool. 

In-person courses enjoy the luxury of small class sizes to allow adaptation to suit individual needs i.e. if you are strong on colour theory then maybe we can expand into an advanced colour palette i.e. making black from the 3 primary colours or a colour chart/board with your existing colours.

Creative Foundation Student Gallery 


Studio Schedule Spring 2017

Intermediate Art Mix Classes

Looking to take your art journey to the next level or explore a new genre or medium? A series of structured sequential learnings & mini studies take the intermediate student on a deeper creative exploration of chosen genre before individual themes are incubated, explored and developed into large works. Small encouraging classes ensures student’s individual creative development is the key success to these unique classes. Previous knowledge of art required as budding artists work more independently. This course offers students the opportunity to expand their artistic skills and creativity whilst exploring in-depth the themes of Mixed Media, Figurative, Portraiture, Still Life, Landscape and much more.


Studio Schedule Spring 2017 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

Pablo Picasso

Mini Art Mix Classes 

Junior Art Mix Art 8-15+ Years  

An opportunity to discover a world of possibilities where artistic expression empowers the student to

  • Create
  • Think
  • Discover
  • Build confidence

Individual instruction is given to small peer groups and students work on individual as well as group projects. A wide variety of media explored and students get the opportunity to analyses and critique their work with end of term exhibitions to showcase their work over the term.


Art and Craft Mix 5-7 Years

These classes are specially designed for 5-7 year olds.

The focus is on self-expression building confidence and creative artistic appreciation through an enriching hands-on curriculum.

All classes are designed to promote personal expression, critique and appreciation through an engaging program. Various renowned artists are introduced along with art movements like pop art, landscape, still life and pointillism.


The sessions are planned to help children explore colour, shape, texture and pattern through a wide range of art and craft experiences. Paint, paper craft, collage, textile, printing and 3D are just a few of the mediums the student will be work with.

All art mix classes are fully subscribed at present, there is a waiting list so please do get in touch as spaces do become available. There are plans for new Creative Foundation Course to begin in September please email if you would like to be the first to know when this kicks off